Welcome to Simpson Brickwork Conservation Ltd.

We specialise in the conservative repair of historic brickwork, working on a variety of structures from domestic dwellings to royal palaces and scheduled ancient monuments.

We use a range of traditional materials, tools and techniques, and also embrace modern technology where appropriate.

We work all over the South East and enjoy the opportunity to be involved in this country’s rich and beautiful brickwork heritage.

Best Craftsmanship Award - Winner

Restoration of External Fabric Board of Graduate Studies, Cambridge

This building is a fine example of late Victorian brickwork, displaying many decorative features, including rubbed and gauged enrichments.

For this project, we recorded and dismantled the existing gables, chimneys and parapets, salvaging as much as possible for re-use.

We re-produced elements which could not be saved and then re-built to match the quality of the original.
For more information www.brick.org.uk.